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Augmented Reality System Test by Long-live-Japan Augmented Reality System Test by Long-live-Japan
A little something I was messing around with in Photoshop in an attempt to create a badass-looking Facebook profile picture.

The Augmented Reality System (ARS) is an idea I had for a sci-fi story I was thinking of. Essentially, using a special pair of glove/gauntlets with a built-in processor and a pair of glasses with specialized LCD lenses, you can basically "summon" a computer monitor and virtual keyboard out of thin air using specific hand movements. The monitor is created by making an L shape with both hands and placing them thumb to forefinger to make a rectangle, which will initialize the screen display window inside the rectangle. You can then resize it and move it by moving your hands - as long as you maintain the L shape the opposite corners of the screen will follow the corner created by the L shape. As for the keyboard, you stick your hands out and claw the fingers up slightly to initialize it, then stick the tip of your finger through a key to type it. Both screens can be erased by simply wiping your hand across it, as if you were erasing a whiteboard. Cool, huh?

As for the quote, it's something I came up with as a tag line for another story I was writing, where this manga artist finds a notebook that can bring his drawings to life. But it can be used as a creed for any artist.
whitefoxboy Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011
This is a really cool idea ^^. Also the pic turned out really good.
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